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In Brief


Vestamate - the optimal capital budgeting application


Vestamate is a forecasting web-application that helps you to plan and assess your investments` and businesses` financial elements. The application`s ability to provide comprehensive financial information with high user-friendliness, offers you a valuable asset. What you do not have to calculate, the application calculates for you. We have emphasized efficient and easy to understand forecasting logic.


The starting point for calculation is the data that the user has input from investment acquisitions, incomes and expenses and financing. Based on this data, the application automatically calculates various financial items, for example depreciations, taxes, amortizations and interests. The user can administrate the calculation in the calculation control in the application. This enables many simulations. Comprehensive reports are available from the calculation data; from traditional income and balance reports to more thorough analysis. You may save the project to your own local file or to database in the application.


Especially, the needs of consulting firms have been taken into account in the software desing. With Vestamate, for example accountancy firms, financing consultants and experts in corporate acquisitions are able to provide comprehensive financial data even during short customer meetings. In using the application it is not necessary to be an expert in accounting and finance, although the basic economic knowledge does help you in using the application and utilizing the iformation that the application has generated.


For more information, please contact via sources seen below.
Also if you want try Vestamate application, please contact and ask for demo user rights.
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Tel: +358 (0)44 5616 029


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